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The AAHR Team & Mission

Autistic patients and their families and caregivers have unique health care needs. While pediatric care has begun to embrace an expanded knowledge of what it means to be autistic, the adult health care environment is not fully prepared to serve the growing population of autistic individuals. It is even less prepared to address the needs of aging autistic adults.

What adult autistic patients, their families, and their caregivers need is “autism-competent care.” That is to say, providers need to understand how to make health care safe, flexible, and responsive to the needs of autistic adults. In doing so they help make health care equitable and accessible.

Header image adapted from original artwork by Billy Megargel titled: Cross Sections (scroll down for more information)

Adult Autism Health Resources (AAHR)

AAHR focuses on a more respectful and effective clinical experience that prioritizes patient dignity and continuity of care throughout the lifespan. It provides information and curated resources based on:

The expertise of medical professionals with wide-ranging experience in treating autistic patients, and the generous contributions of autistic people, their caregivers and siblings. We drew from a diverse range of geographic, demographic, and socio-economic backgrounds to represent as many experiences as possible.

Features include:

  • Educational and actionable materials to improve the health care experience for adults with autism

  • Strategies to empower patients and families to communicate effectively with providers about their needs

  • Information on specialized local and national resources.

The Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation

The Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation is committed to improving the lives of individuals with autism by supporting the study of the science of autism, increasing resources for the autism community, and educating the public about autism. We are grateful for its support and vision behind this project. Our shared goal in this work is to improve autism care and lead meaningful change in healthcare.

Harvard Health Publishing (HHP)

As part of Harvard Medical School’s Office for External Education, Harvard Health Publishing (HHP) develops health and wellness information for the lay public. It provided editorial and design expertise to the AAHR site and is committed to providing information that will support quality health care experiences for autistic adults.

Our experts

Autism experts inform our process and our content

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Clinical Advisory Board

Harvard Medical School convened medical experts who understand and have successfully treated autistic patients. The've generously shared their wisdom abut the unique needs of autistic adults, the most common medical conditions they face, and innovative ways of treating those conditions. Their advice forms the foundation of our Clinical Course, Clinical Care for Autistic Adults, and this site.

Meet the Clinical Advisory Board

Clinical Advisory Board

about the artist

Billy Megargel

AAHR header images are adapted from original artwork by Billy Megargel titled: Cross Sections

William "Billy" Megargel (he/him/his) has ASD and uses the power of his artistic expression to communicate, rather than words. Passionate and laser-focused, Billy turns the ordinary into the extraordinary with an arsenal of tools ranging from artists brushes, ball tip whisks, paint rollers, bamboo salad utensils, and bubble wrap. His expressive, modern paintings command attention with their physical and emotional power. Billy’s works are on display in both corporate and private settings. Billy has permanent installations at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and MGH Lurie Center for Autism in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Thank You

We gratefully acknowledge the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation for their generous grant support of this educational activity.

We'd like your feedback

AAHR is a new resource, launched in September 2023. We welcome comments and suggestions on both the design and content of the site. Thank you!

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