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Clinical Care for Autistic Adults

A free online course for medical professionals.

A course for medical professionals

Given the unique needs of autistic adults, many clinicians find themselves underprepared for the complexity of diagnoses, the diversity of presentations, and the coordination of care. Clinical Care for Autistic Adults is led by nationally recognized experts, with extensive expertise caring for adults with autism.  

Clinical Care for Autistic Adults is designed for clinicians who currently provide care to autistic adults or are preparing to welcome autistic patients into their practice. Its goal is to empower clinicians to provide personalized care for autistic people and their families. Clinicians who complete this course will able to: 

  • Recognize the range of needs that autism presents across spectrum and age 

  • Examine the gaps that exists for support of adult autistic patients

  • Identify key players in the ongoing support of autistic patients throughout the adult lifespan

  • Apply best practices and strategies to better support patients during adult primary and specialist visits, screenings, and medical procedures 

  • Develop and utilize communication protocols to increase effectiveness of transitions of care 

See the course description: Clinical Care for Autistic Adults

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